Monthly Archives: September 2014

Going Up!

It’s certainly been a busy time for us here at Elevators Ltd! Among many other successful projects which we can’t wait to tell you about, we were recently down in Surrey looking at some work which we’re definitely looking forward to. We undertook the task of carrying out a new platform lift installation at the [...]

Keeping Up To Date

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even with the best standards of quality and workmanship, lift installations have a habit of deteriorating and wearing down over time. They really start to show their age, and can range from looking a little too scruffy to posing a serious hazard to anyone looking to take a [...]

Maintaining the Standard

When it comes to ensuring lifts and elevators have the longest life they can, there’s nothing like quality of work to make sure nothing goes wrong. After everything’s done and dusted, however, we understand that sometimes things just don’t go to plan! Wear and tear can bring even the best installations down to a state [...]

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