Monthly Archives: July 2014

All Aboard!

So, Elevators Ltd casually went on a luxuryboat and lived the dream of a multi-millionaire celebrity – no biggy, just a normal day for us. Obviously, we had to do some work on the boat and it just happened to have a passenger lift installation and who is else would fit the role of carrying [...]

Take a bow Djokovic!

It hasn’t half been a gruelling week in sport. The World Cup matches were tense and went through to penalties and the two matches tomorrow and Wednesday, will be hard to watch. The men’s single tennis final between the 7th Wimbledon winner Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic yesterday was ridiculously tense and kept us on [...]

World’s Tallest Tower needs nifty lifts

In Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower – apparently set to be the world’s tallest building – even the elevators will be VIP. Well you’d expect nothing less really would you? You can’t have the world’s tallest building relying on shoddy lifts! […]

Socially awkward

You can’t deny the fact that lifts are one of the most awkward encounters that you will face and even lift professionals like ourselves believe this to be true. If you think about, you’re crammed into a small box with people that you don’t know and having to spend unwanted time with them. Although, sometimes [...]

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