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A Chilling experience

The world is filled with speedy elevators that can reach 100 floors in less than a minute, but these are all lifts that have been carefully and professionally installed and are well maintained. However, one lift in Chile shot up 31 floors in just 15 seconds due to a malfunction. Sadly, there was a passenger [...]

Double decker elevators

Have you heard of a double decker elevator? It’s probably how you’re imagining it to look like; two elevator shafts stacked on top of each other. Pretty cool, ey? They are popular elevators and we’ve done plenty of double decker lift installations in our time. The world’s tallest building, the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah in [...]

World Class Lift Maintenance

Well what a week the first week has been in the World Cup. You really couldn’t predict this one or put money on it that’s for sure. So who do you think you will win? Definitely not Spain! They’re already out of the World Cup after another shameful lose against Chile last night. We’re just [...]

World Cup action = first class performance

Hurrah! The World Cup 2014 finally kicked off last week and the team over at Elevators Ltd have been watching every match possible, to support both England (and team of your choice) and our sweep stake team. Each football manager would have carefully selected their World Cup chosen team and they want the best players [...]

Doors Opening

It doesn’t surprise us that people can be afraid of lifts, whether it’s because they’re claustrophobic or have watched too many films, but if the lift installation has been correctly done by a professional lift company, then there really isn’t anything to worry about. Sadly, one chap in Chile experienced something a little frightening and [...]

Firefighters save the day

Whether it’s the lift company’s engineers or emergency services, there will be someone who will rescue you from a broken down elevator. More often than not, it will be the lift engineers who will come, as all you would need to do is press the emergency lift call button, and someone will be on the [...]

An elevator ride to one of the most stunning views

  Completing a lift installation isn’t just for getting passengers to their office floor, or to the top floor in a shopping centre, they are there to provide you with some of the most stunning views of all times. You probably wouldn’t expect to see a lift in some of the World’s most famous and [...]

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