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The World’ shortest elevator ride

Now, we’ve told you about the world’s fastest elevator and the world’s largest elevator, but we’ve failed to inform you about the world’s smallest and shortest elevator ride. As a professional and leading lift company, we are bias when it comes to lifts, but in this case, you really would take the stairs; right? [...]

May the force be with you

Imagine the elevator doors breaking because of extreme force and sadly, causing a severe accident for one passenger. It really isn’t worth thinking about is it? But unfortunately, this happened over in Boston, America. The elevator doors of The Fenway Park lift were damaged by extreme force, which caused a woman to fall two floors [...]

Japanese Lifts the most advanced in technology

It’s not unknown that Japan is well advanced in technology so that they are able to create some of the world’s quirkiest gadgets, but they are also known for manufacturing and engineering some of the fastest and most impressive elevators to ever grace the planet. The most recent one being the elevator that the Japanese [...]

Knock Knock

We love a good prank here at Elevators Ltd and don’t worry, we tend not to play a joke on the passengers; we’re a professional lift company! However, we can’t say the same for our engineers! Now, imagine being trapped in an intelligent voice-activated elevator? It would be rather amusing and it would definitely make [...]

The myths surrounding the lifts

There is always some sort of misconception that surrounds our everyday living such as what we can and can’t eat, and even elevators have a few tales attached to them too! Fortunately, we’re a professional lift company who will clear a few of these myths up. […]

To Infinity and Beyond!

We know we know, we must have mentioned the space lift at least twenty times before! We think that it deserves yet another mention though, as brand new reports have revealed that the mysterious Google X facility has confirmed they are finally working on the long awaited space lift! But it looks as if we [...]

A lift company with a promise

Elevators Ltd takes great pride in ensuring that all of our customers receive a high quality service and a professional one too. Our friendly team of experts will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with immediately, whether it’s an emergency or you’re enquiring about a new lift installation. […]

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