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Your number 1 lift company

All we seem to hear about is the world’s fastest elevator and for those who missed our last blog about it, here is a quick recap. The Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre in China will be home to the world’s fastest elevator that will travel from the first floor to the 95th floor in just 43 [...]

Speedy Gonzales

Whenever we talk about speed of things, we always seem to reference “Speedy Gonzales” and this one is no different. China isn’t shy of new technology and when it comes to elevators, you can only expect to step into a high tech lift that travels faster than light! Well, that’s what we’d expect anyway and [...]

No elevator? No work

We can imagine that this is a scenario that many employees would hope to wake up to one morning and for those working in a Philadelphia city building, this is exactly what happened. One Parkway building in Philadelphia witnessed a flood that has caused the elevators in the building to stop working, which means around [...]

Elevators are my one true love

This is partially true for the team at Elevators Ltd, we do have a strong and lasting love for lifts and if we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be able to successfully perform lift maintenance or a lift installation. However, the love for lifts goes beyond anything else for one person, and his passion has helped [...]

Who you going to call? | emergency lift engineers

Is it wrong that we have two theme tunes stuck in our head right now? We have the Ghostbusters for “who you going call” and the Gladiators theme tune for “Elevators”. Oh well, never mind! Either way, the moral of this blog and our two theme tunes is to let you know that Elevators Ltd [...]

Elevators making it to the big screen (part 2)

You may (or may not) have remembered in our last blog that we mentioned a few memorable elevator moments in films, well, we’re here to give you ‘Elevators making it to the big screen part 2’. So, our first batch of classic film moments included Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Shining – the one [...]

Elevators making it to the big screen (part 1)

Unfortunately, we don’t mean Elevators Ltd here, though one day you never know! What we’re actually referring to are elevators making their appearance in block buster films and for many of them, they have created some of the most memorable scenes. And as for lift maintenance, these are definitely elevators that we would like to [...]

She must be barking mad

Have you experienced taking a dog in an elevator? How did it work out for? A standard procedure; you step into the lift with your dog, press the button, wait patiently to arrive at your floor and then out you go. Well this wasn’t quite the case for one lady and her two dogs, and [...]

What the people say

Receiving positive feedback is by far the best feel good factor that anyone could receive and it gives you that boost of motivation that says you’re not only good at what you do, but you’ve provided a positive service. With all of our services, whether it is lift maintenance, lift repair or lift installation, we [...]

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