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An elevator that is more than just a ride

Elevators aren’t the most exciting of things to experience, especially if they’re packed with strangers making the ride awkward and time consuming. However, there are some pretty awesome elevators out there that will make the experience of travelling from one floor to the other that little bit more exciting and memorable, as well as the [...]

Girl survives 35 feet drop down an elevator shaft in Manhattan

This is a story that we all dread and is something that we unfortunately appear to be hearing more and more of, and more needs to be done to prevent such incidents from happening. No one is fully to blame for incidents such as these, unless the lift maintenance company fail to put warning signs [...]

Elevators Ltd on speed dial

We’ve all got emergency numbers saved on our phones, whether it’s for the plumber, electrician or even Crimestoppers; they’re all handy numbers to have for emergencies and adding Elevators Ltd to your list won’t take up too much space on your phone will it? Emergency callouts will be needed from time to time, but fortunately, [...]

Jack and The Beanstalk

We know, we know, we keep banging on about the space elevator, but there is just too many updates in the news surrounding this, so we thought we’d keep you up to date too! We think it’s very exciting and in our heads, all we can think of is a lift installation from Earth into [...]

Interesting facts about lifts

Well, we find them interesting anyway and there were a few things that not even lift maintenance and lift installation experts like ourselves knew! Are you ready for seven interesting facts about lifts? Did you know that the very first modern style lift installation was in the New York City hotel lobby in 1857? Luxury [...]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! You can’t deny that we Brits love a good knees-up and when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day, we can’t help but join the Irish in some celebrations. Although we’re still envious that we don’t get a public holiday for Saint George’s Day and for some reason, we don’t really seem [...]

Your Independent Lift Services Provider

Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing our customer with exceptional lift services, no matter how big or small the job is. We offer independent lift services throughout London and the surrounding towns and cities, and the best bit is we’ve expanded our services throughout the UK. We’ve been receiving enquiries from all [...]

Off to see the Queen? Maybe not today

We all know that Westminster is home to the Queen and the Royal family, and the Houses of Parliament but it appears to be famous for another reason; constant faulty lifts at the Westminster tube station. It is the third year running that the lifts have occurred a break down and here are a couple [...]

The sun is shining, everyone’s spirits are lifted

What a glorious weekend it’s been here in London. The sun hasn’t stopped shining, the temperature reached a whopping 17 degrees and we were all out enjoying the spring weather. After the horrendous storm that we’ve all been receiving over the last few months, we can finally say hurrah to the mini spring heat wave! [...]

Don’t give up on going up

Is it wrong that we’re still craving pancakes? We ate so many on Tuesday that it clearly wasn’t enough and while many people will be giving up something for Lent, there is one thing that we won’t be giving up on and that’s our lifts. To some, Lent is a belated New Year’s Resolution and [...]

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