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Help! We’re stuck!

It would be sods law that you get stuck in a lift late at night and there is no one around to hear you cry for help until the morning. It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but not when Elevators Ltd is involved. Not only do we ensure that lift maintenance becomes [...]

Power workers go on strike, people get trapped in lifts

This really isn’t the best combination and it would be the last thing that you will want to hear, but unfortunately this happened in Cyprus and we just hope there was air conditioning in the lifts! We’re not sure what the lift maintenance companies are like out there, but if they’re anything like us, they [...]

To Infinity and Beyond

You may remember us telling you the exciting news about the possibility of have a lift installation (sort of) from Earth to Space and the team over at Elevators Ltd are very excited about this prospect; though lift maintenance would be a bit of a palaver! Scientists have been discussing this possibility since the 1950s [...]

Under Pressure

“Pressure pushing down on me, Pressing down on you, no man ask for, Under pressure that burns a building down” We couldn’t help but quote one of the famous David Bowie classics, who is also a 2014 Brit Award winner; it has nothing to do with our lift engineers feeling under pressure! So the 2014 [...]

Pay up or walk 163 flights of stairs

We’ve heard stories of lifts in buildings not working and forcing residents to walk up numerous flights of stairs to reach their apartment, but imagine living in the tallest and most luxurious building on the planet, and having the air conditioning purposely switched off and the lifts ‘out of order’. It’s not worth thinking about, [...]

We’re Sochi of this

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have continued to make headlines and it’s not just for teams winning medals. We’ve heard of the poor conditions of The Olympic village and you may remember our last blog about the GB Bobsledder who almost fell through the black hole in the lift as there was a missing lift [...]

The Eye of the Storm

It was pretty hard to escape the storm yesterday and we’ve heard of so many traumatic stories that we just want it all to end. People struggled to walk in the 80+mph winds, which is no surprise and holding onto the nearest lamppost for dear life; vehicles have been swaying; trains have been cancelled or [...]

Bobsledding down a bottomless lift

Being the lift professionals that we are, we know only too well the importance of the safety of the public, but it doesn’t take a genius to do one to two things; put a ‘lift out of order’ sign up, or to install a lift shaft. It’s all part of the job, well at least [...]

Your Lift Maintenance Service from Elevators Ltd

Lift maintenance is one of our most prestigious services that we offer and it’s because it takes skill, dedication and patience, as well as taking into account the safety of the passengers. We have a team of fully qualified and experienced lift engineers working for us, who are not only skilled in what they do, [...]

Which floor would like to go to Sir?

We thought the days were gone for manned lifts but we were wrong. 72 year old Ann Kearney from Iowa has only just put her button pressing fingers to rest after 32 years of manually opening and closing lift doors. We wonder if the lift companies in Iowa still have manned lift installation enquiries. The [...]

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