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May Fair! May Fair! £20m lift installation taking place

A little exaggeration there; a £20m lift installation would be ridiculous, but a £20m house renovation wouldn’t, right? May Fair in London is home to some of the UK’s most expensive properties and it is one of the most desirable places to live. However, not all properties have been treated well and one in particular [...]

Smart move

Technology will always develop and it really wouldn’t surprise us if there were more robotic things to come. Apple has brought out the touch finger identity to access your iPhone 5s and Microsoft is in the process of bringing out a lift. Yep, you got it; the computer geniuses Microsoft have designed a lift that [...]

Keeping it neat and tidy

We all like to keep things neat and tidy, and if you’re a little OCD like we are, then you’ll fully understand the annoyance that the littlest thing out of place or a few crumbs on the kitchen surface can have. Luckily for our customers, one of the benefits of being OCD means that there [...]

You have been evicted

It is a pressing matter when the lifts in your building are out of order and have been for a relatively long period of time. It might not seem like an issue when you live on one of the lower floors, but when you live on the top floor and have to walk up flights [...]

Access all areas

The main purpose of a lift is to transport you between floors, whether it’s because there’s a mountain of stairs to climb or for disability reasons. One of the lift services that we offer is inclined platform lifts which are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. These lifts are designed for wheelchair users to [...]

Our Expert Advice

We all want to be experts in something, so when people ask you a question or query about something, you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about. It’s a good feeling having knowledge in a specific area, especially when it comes to lifts. Elevators Ltd pride ourselves in having a wealth of knowledge in lift installation, [...]

Car Lifts

You may have read our last blog about the super duper car lifts in the high tech apartments in modern Miami. Well Elevators Ltd’s skills venture out into car lifts and parking systems too. Car lifts are the ideal solution for solving those annoying parking solutions. We use state of the art equipment for car [...]

Drive and park right outside your apartment

How do you fancy parking your car right outside your apartment and we don’t mean outside in a car park, we mean outside your apartment in your apartment block. It does sound pretty cool and with car lift installations, it can be done and it is currently in the process of being done. Of course [...]

Stop! Hold Fire!

We’ve all stepped into a lift that stinks of urine and other similar things, and it can be quite, well really off putting! The smell is unbearable and as much as you try to hold your nose, the smell still lingers. No matter how desperate you are to drop a penny, the lift is not [...]

Happy New Year!

Elevators Ltd would firstly like to say Happy New Year to you all and we hope that 2014 brings you happiness and joy. Last year was a fantastic year for us; we had a record number of lift installations and we’re just 6 days into the New Year, and it’s already set to be a [...]

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