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A New Year….A New Start

If you are in the middle of something important yet are sent on an urgent errand, then you have to follow orders and do as your superiors tell you. It is ever so crucial that you make a good impression, as this will stand you in good stead if you are looking for that all-important [...]

Avoid Unexpected Slip-Ups with Effective Lift Installation Services

If you are looking to celebrate this weekend before Advent is upon us and want to have a fun-filled evening with your colleagues, then it is ever so important that you act in an appropriate and professional manner. You cannot over-indulge as too much festive spirit can lead to potentially disastrous consequences as far as [...]

Keep Calm and Carry On

When you are stuck in an elevator as a result of an unexpected breakdown, then you may go into a state of panic and act in a rash and impulsive manner. You do not want to place yourself in unnecessary danger nor should you feel panicked and distressed as if you are cool, calm and [...]

The Law of Gravity

We’re all familiar with Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and we all know that gravity is what keeps us on the ground and not floating around. Thinking about it, it would be pretty horrendous if gravity didn’t exist, but with the 95mph winds that the UK is witnessing today, it will be pretty hard to [...]

The Stairs Vs. The Lift

If you had the choice between taking the lift or walking up/ down the stairs, what would you choose? Probably the lift if it was available right? Unless you have some sort of phobia or you’re a fitness fanatic of course then the lift would be the favourable option. We often wonder why a lift [...]

Service Lifts

Elevators Ltd provide service lifts as part of our lift installation. Although they don’t look like your typical everyday lift, they are pretty useful, especially for those who need to transport heavy items or hot meals within the building. You might have seen them in restaurants or hotels, food being transported in a mini lift, [...]

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