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Jingle all the way

Now is definitely the time for lifts to be quirky; you can decorate them and even add a couple of Christmas jingles in the lift too. Just imagine that moment when you step into a lift to go to your office on a Monday morning and Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ is playing in the background? [...]

Right place at the right time

No, we’re not quoting an Olly Murs song here, though it is now stuck in our head. But, although being stuck in a lift can be one of life’s most traumatic experiences, it can also be fate… You’d probably never imagine reminiscing the thought of being stuck in the lift with a smile on your [...]

The spectacular scenic lift

Lifts are a wonderful piece of technology and we’re not being biased here; well maybe a little. In all seriousness though, they’ve been programmed to take you to your desired floor, with just a push of the button and some of the lifts that we’ve seen are spectacular. Lift installation is an exciting job for [...]

Dont get stuck Let Elevators Ltd help

It is ironic that someone would get stuck in a lift in a hospital, on their way to an appointment. But as ironic as it sounds, this actually did happen to an elderly couple in Dundee. Although you can’t predict when a lift will stop working, lift maintenance in hospitals is crucial and should be [...]

The real you – no hiding away in a lift

You may have read one of our earlier blogs about the psychological aspects of how we behave in lifts in the sense of how we position ourselves. But without realising it, lifts can also define our mannerisms too and the real you can often shine out. Even a reputable lift company like ourselves, who has [...]

Whoops! Didn’t see you there!

Have you seen someone rush for the lift in a frantic state and you’ve ‘accidently’ on purpose, slowly pressed the lift closing button with a distinctive smug look on your face? Of course you have, who are we kidding? We’ve all done it! It’s all good and well until it happens to you. We’re not [...]

Keeping your lift eco-friendly

Everyone is trying to do their bit for the environment, whether it’s recycling cans and bottles, or cycling to work, or hopping into an environmentally friendly lift. Yes they do exist and here at Elevators Ltd, we are proud to present to you our eco-system lifts. All of our lifts have the latest in technology [...]

96 hours later

There really should be a film about elevators. The amount of people that have been stuck and left stranded in a lift is worrying and we do often question where the lift company’s engineers are, or at least the fire rescue team. When we receive a phone call to say that passengers are trapped in [...]

The fabulous Louis lift

You can’t beat strutting around with Louis Vuitton by your side and none of this fake malarkey either! Carrying a LV bag is one thing, but imagine getting inside and travelling in the designer fashion label’s lift? It would certainly be a lift that our engineers would have to be extra careful with when carrying [...]

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