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Home Lifts

Practicality and independence goes in hand in hand, and are two things that we like to achieve when installing home lifts. Those living with a disability or have mobility issues, can often lose their independence and having a home lift can change this. Home lift installation used to be disruptive, costly and took up far [...]

Tried and Tested

Elevators Ltd services doesn’t just stop after the lift installation, we carry our regular lift maintenance work including testing and inspecting. It is a legal requirement that testing and inspecting is carried out on the lift and although our team is already on the ball with remembering this, it is the responsibility of the property [...]

What our customers say

Over the years, Elevators Ltd have been completing lift installation jobs, carrying out lift maintenance and additional other services and the one thing that we have managed to maintain is the level of customer satisfaction. The team at Elevators don’t just provide a high quality lift service; we also make it our priority to ensure [...]

Emergency call out repair

Elevators Ltd provide both our customers and non-customers with a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency call out. We aim to reach all of our customers as quickly as possible, ensuring that the lift is repaired as soon as. It is important to us to have an out of office call out service available, [...]

The crazy elevator

I recently had a bizarre, heart stopping experience in a lift in my apartment building a few days ago and I felt the need to share this story with you all. It began with a normal morning all dressed smartly for another day in the office. I stepped into the lift (which isn’t an Elevators [...]

New Home Lift Installation

Some living with a disability and who suffer from mobility restrictions around their home; unfortunately, cannot afford to pay for changes to be made to the home. A person’s independence can be lost, causing frustration to the individual. Home lift installation is a solution and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either, well not [...]


Now, we don’t want to worry you, that’s the last thing that we want to do; but elevators are becoming a popular choice for criminals.  In New York City, there have been 3,330 elevator crimes due to the enclosure. As with walking in the dark on your own, it is always advisable to take the [...]

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