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Elevator Crimes

There are so many uncertified elevator crimes out there and unfortunately, we’ve all become victims of it at some point. You have the chap on the phone who can’t wait just a couple of minutes to answer a phone call and talks ridiculously loud about nothing important. Can you believe that there has actually been [...]

Monday Blues

My goodness, we cannot believe that it is Monday already! What happened to the weekend? Everything seems to happen on a Monday, there are just too many coincidences that take place on this day. Your alarm decides not to go off, you jump into a cold shower and quickly get dressed grabbing a cup of [...]

That old rust bucket

There is nothing worse than stepping into an old looking lift that looks like an oversized empty metal tin. Your face automatically drops when you approach it and see the doors opening at a pace unimaginable to the human eye, to only be greeted with a smell that is similar to a public toilet; but [...]

The best of the best

Under lift maintenance regulations and guidelines, all property owners that have a lift present in their building, have the duty to ensure that the safety of their residents and visitors is on top of their list. It is imperative that the lift is regularly serviced by a professional lift services company, like ourselves! Believe it [...]

The Big Blackout

We watched Channel 4’s drama documentary last night about what would happen if modern day Britain experienced a blackout, similar to the one in London during World War Two. The documentary highlighted different scenarios of people being caught in the blackout with no electric power to source anything, showing how we would react. These scenarios [...]

Movin’ On Up

We’ve seen some things in our times and not all of them have been lift related, but this is an extreme and beyond dare devil standards. Now, it’s not every day that you see a gentleman scrambling up a 1,083ft high elevator is it? The Bailong elevator is the tallest lift in the world and [...]

Fly me to the moon

It’s not every day that you’ll step into a lift and choose ‘space’ when it comes to selecting which floor you would like to go to. But, according to the Japanese company The Obayashi Corporation, we, yes we could be travelling in a lift to space in 38 years’ time. It’ll only take around 7 [...]

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