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The Simple Step to a Homemade Lift… …don’t do it.

There are lot of “do it yourself” people around today and we all try to avoid paying for a service such as plumbing, building or decorating, unless it’s necessary; but there are some things that really should be left to the professionals, lift installation being one of them. In Florida, a couple living in a [...]

The Lift with a Twist

Imagine you were about to step into a lift, but took a look down to see that there was no floor? Its times like this where you need to think fast. That first initial realisation is heart pumping and sickening; the thought that you almost stepped into a bottomless lift... This is something that shoppers [...]

The Museum Lift

Lifts can be wonderful things; some have a creative design behind it, some can be plain and simple, and some can have a whole new world inside. One lift in New York has a museum inside it and with it said to be the smallest in the world, it sure has big things inside. The [...]

Trapped in a lift?

Being trapped in a lift isn’t uncommon. It happens to almost everyone, but the best thing to do in these situations is to remain calm. We understand that this might be easier said than done, but it is the best thing that anyone can do, plus you won’t feel like you’ve been there an entire [...]

Famous Lift Scenes in Films

Lifts have played some of the most iconic scenes in some of the biggest box office films.  You probably don’t notice them in films, but we do and we’re sure that after reading you’ll be like “oh yeah”! Happens every time! Here is a list of our films with what we think has the most [...]

Made in China

Lifts can be a funny thing. They can either be super-fast at getting you from the ground floor to the top, or can be ridiculously slow that you wish you just took the 10 flights of stairs; it would have been quicker and less painful. We weren’t shocked when we heard that over in China, [...]

Lift Removals, the Professional Way

We hear of so many accidents caused by non-lift professionals removing lifts from buildings. These “not so handy men” don’t understand the preciseness and danger involved of lift removal, without having the right amount of qualifications and experience behind them. It does infuriate us when we hear of people aren’t trained in this area removing [...]

Moving In?

So you’ve enjoyed the glorious warm sunny weekend, you’ve had a BBQ with friends and been sunbathing all day long, and even the thought of going to work on a Monday still keeps you in high spirits (as long as the sun is still shining that is). You stroll into the office tanned and slightly [...]

May the Force be with you!

For any Star Wars fans out there, you’ll be familiar with our title for this blog and yes it is Star Wars related. Being a leading lift company in London, we regularly do our research into what’s happening within the lift industry and in our home city, and this particular story has taken over the [...]

Travel with the Sea Creatures

We love extravagant lifts and we’re always stunned when we see some of the World’s quirkiest, yet strangest lifts. They do actually put our standard cabin passenger lifts to shame! With it being Friday and the sun blazing through Elevators Ltd windows this morning, we thought we’d do a bit of web searching for the [...]

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