Lift Engineers in Ontario go on Strike!

Yep our title for this blog is correct and a workforce that neither of us want going on strike. There are only certain, specially qualified and experienced people in this world that can repair and keep lift maintenance up to date, and that’s lift engineers in London, or anywhere else in the world. It’s […]

These Shoes Are Not Made For Walking

Well who would have thought it, some of the most richest people on the planet having to walk up the stairs, whilst some lift maintenance works are being carried out. Au revoir Louboutins! The Princess Tower in Dubai, which just happens to be the tallest building in the world, boasting 107 floors; lift had […]

Dumbwaiter essential to new fast food restaurant in prestigious Brick Lane, London

Another day and another new lift installation in London completed by the lift engineers at Elevators Ltd. A new fast food restaurant needed a new lift installation and had a very tight time schedule due to their opening day. This wasn’t a problem for the team at Elevators Ltd. We responded with assurance to […]

New Elevators Ltd platform lift provides equal access for staff at Bromley Council

When it comes to designing and putting together the pieces for a new lift installation in London and in the Kent area, the team at Elevators Ltd want to ensure that every fine detail is spot on and up to the highest possible standard. Perfection is something that we’re passionate about it, which isn’t […]

Elevators Ltd rise to the recent challenge of improving the reliabilty of private home passenger lift in Highbury

We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than a lift that has an “out of order” sign on it, or one that is somewhat unreliable. It becomes more of an inconvenience when you’re intention was to hop in the lift to the 10th floor, but instead the only other option is the stairs. […]

New 3 floor passenger lift transforms the access at a South West London Gospel Church

Oh happy day (oh happy day),
Oh happy day (oh happy day),
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed),
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed),
Jesus washed (when Jesus washed),
Washed my sins away (oh happy day),
Oh happy day (oh happy day),

The famous song from the hit Gospel movie, Sister Act, is certainly one to brighten up your Monday […]