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Barrett Supports, Walker Opposes Train Shed

MILWAUKEE - When trains roll into the Milwaukee Intermodal Station downtown, passengers walk into a dark, half-century old train shed. The platforms are showing their age and the ramps are too steep for wheelchairs. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is fully supporting an upgrade. "To say this very, incredibly successful Hiawatha line should not have improvements, [...]

World’s 11 most expensive homes – including elevators

Wealth, it would appear, is the most talked about element of human existence. People are ever eager to cull information about billionaires, their lifestyle, residences, stories of opulence, etc. A curiosity to know about billionaires' residences stems from that very urge. Here are some interesting facts about 10 most expensive houses in the world. Read [...]

Bangkok gets its first city-airport rail-link and elevator service

Visitors to Bangkok can now avail of a smooth and convenient transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport to various locations in the city centre following the official opening of the rail-link. The rail-link will be a blessing for independent travellers, from business travellers to backpackers, seeking to avoid the taxis and touts at Bangkok airport. In addition [...]

Elevator mechanic never gets the shaft

Name, job, title: John Canetti, 56, of West Milford is an elevator mechanic for Liberty Elevator Corp. of Paterson who has worked at many famous structures, including the 1980s renovation of the Statue of Liberty. John Canetti of West Milford renovating an elevator in a 14-story office building at 100 Hamilton Plaza in Paterson. 'You [...]

Elevators stop running

A power failure sent Langley City firefighters scrambling Sunday evening, rescuing people trapped in elevators. According to deputy City fire chief Pete Methot, the power failure was caused by a fallen pole in Surrey. The power failure began at around 5:30 p.m. and affected about 1,900 buildings from Fraser Highway to 50A Avenue, 196th Street [...]

Alpe d’Huez gets triple eco/quality certification

The S.A.T.A (ski lift company) which runs the lifts and maintains the pistes at Alpe d’Huez has earned three separate levels of certification for its service management. The company is now certified in terms of quality (ISO 9001), as well as in environmental management (ISO 14001) and security (OHSAS 18001). “This triple certification will enable [...]

Rotary Lifts extends its Inspect to Protect program

Madison, Indiana--August 18, 2010--Rotary Lift has an important message for technicians and shop owners: remember to inspect your lifts. As part of this message, Rotary Lift has extended its Inspect to Protect program to help facility owners find local qualified lift inspectors through the Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI) North American network. Each participating Inspect to [...]

Materials Research Needed to Make Space Elevator a Reality

While much of the first day of the Space Elevator Conference was dedicated to the problem of space trash, the concept also faces another significant challenge. "We have one big problem -- everything else pales in comparison -- and that is materials," said Bryan Laubscher, president of Odysseus Technologies and a speaker at the annual [...]

Westin Reopens Scenic Elevators

ATLANTA - Over two years after a tornado tore through downtown Atlanta and shattered thousands of panes of glass at the Westin hotel, the scenic elevators at the Westin Peachtree Plaza were reopened Wednesday. The elevators carry guests from the hotel's fifth floor lobby to the city's original tri-level entertainment complex. "We're very excited to [...]

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