The British Airways Viewing ‘Pod’ Elevator

The technology behind the elevator may still be a work in progress however it continues to be implemented into the design of a range of new and advanced applications every day. Take the British Airways i360 as an example; the 162 meter tall tower fit with a glass pod was installed in Brighton in […]

How Elevators Work

When we use an elevator, it looks like they operate themselves. After all, we only have to push a simple button and we are on our merry way. With this said, the physics and technology behind the average elevator is far more complicated that one may presume. Not only is there incredibly complicated machinery […]

Best Elevator Movie Scenes

It is hard to deny that the big screen loves an elevator scene. Whether it be a blossoming romance or a ghastly homicide, the elevator has a big premise in the industry. Whilst we cannot say that we have worked on such projects, the team here at Elevators Ltd want to take a look […]

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Let’s Talk About the Different Lift Types Part 3

There are many different people in this world which is why we think it is important to ensure that you can provide a product suitable for every type of client. From platform lifts that allow those in a wheelchair to move around with independence to the Eco-friendly lifts that are perfect for those looking […]

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Why We All Hate The Stairs

As a population it is hard to deny that we have become lazy and reliant on technology far too much. From our ability to avoid walking at all cost to the ease of ordering items online, it is astonishing how far we have come in our aim to do as little as possible. With […]

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Children and Elevator Safety

As adults we are able to assess a situation and understand immediately when something is considered dangerous however many children experiment with the world first hand, often getting themselves into some worrying situation. Take elevators for example. Using one is considered much safer than using a motor vehicle however injuries can take place when […]

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A Few Facts About Elevators

Here at Elevators Ltd, we think about lifts on a daily basis however its only right to assume that the average person, like yourself, won’t pay much attention to them when you are out and about living your life. After all, they are convenient and always on hand when you need them. Why else […]

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The Most Common Elevator Problems

Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction and guarantee we are able to give our customers. After all, nothing feels better than being told that your brand new product is in full working order. Despite this, elevators may suffer from functionality problems which is why we want to shed some light […]

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Stuck in a Lift: The Do’s and Don’ts

For some people, getting stuck in a lift is the definition of a real-life horror movie. After all, you’re stuck inside a small windowless box where there is a limited amount of air available- who wouldn’t begin to panic a little?

In order to avoid an injury, it is vital that you know how to […]

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Warning Signs That You Need a New Elevator

An elevator is not an impenetrable piece of machinery that will run for years and years without any kind of repair taking place and it is important that you ensure your elevator is serviced on a regular basis so that any maintenance issues are flagged up and dealt with promptly. After all, the last […]

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