The Fastest Elevators in the World

They may have only been around for one hundred years, but modern society would surely be lost without the elevator. After all, we rely on them more than we realise, and skyscrapers would be a mere fantasy without their technology. Here at Elevators Ltd we may only specialise in regular lifts however we love […]

The Importance of Disability Lifts

Society has a bad reputation of catering to those who find it easy to get from location to location with ease. After all, many disabilities are often invisible to those simply passing by. With this said, statistics from 2010 show that over 11 million people in the UK suffer with some kind of chronic […]

Benefits of Installing A Scenic Lift In Your Office Building

So, your offices need a new lift installed? Good. You’re already in the right place.

For any office building in the world, lifts are an essential part of the design process. When you’re housing countless offices on multiple floors, it’s obviously always important to make every part of the building easily accessible. After all, forcing […]

Why Every Hotel Needs A Dumbwaiter Lift

Running a hotel comes with all kinds of responsibilities. From making sure the guests are happy, to raising awareness of your establishment, a lot of hard work has to go into turning your hotel into a success. Of course, we imagine you can handle the pressure much better than Basil Fawlty. At least, we’d […]

Why Free-Falling is Very Unlikely

If you are scared of using the elevator, it is safe to say that you aren’t alone. In fact, statistics suggest that 1 in 20 people feel some kind of apprehension during an elevator journey. Whether it be claustrophobia or an irrational gut feeling that the cable is going to snap and leave you […]

Elevators and the Disability Discrimination Act

One of the most obvious benefits of the elevator is its ability to help the disabled regain their independence. After all, elevators can withstand the weight of a wheelchair and remove the need for people to transport themselves out of one onto a stair lift. Here at Elevators Ltd we believe that it is […]

Elevators vs Escalators: The Great Debate

There are many benefits that both elevators and escalators can provide yet the great debate about which is supreme rages on. Here at Elevators Ltd, it is only right that we campaign for our area of expertise. With this said, there are a few different characteristics that separate the humble elevator from the escalator […]

Do Elevators Need CCTV?

With the rate of crime increasing every year in some areas, the need for security cameras has risen too. After all, they are the only foul proof way to deter lawbreakers or catch them in the act. Here at Elevators Ltd we understand that the average lift isn’t exactly as dangerous as a dark […]

Einstein’s Elevator Prospers

Here at Elevators Ltd we believe that approaching new developments within our industry is how we can pave the way for the future. After all, the elevator itself is actually based on the nature of physics and since we learn new things within the world of science every day who knows what the next […]

Elevators That Are Already Living in the Future

Just when you think that the world can’t get more technologically advanced, the elevator industry knocks it out of the park! In fact, whilst many of us are still marvelling at Elisha Graves Otis’ invention of the safety break, there are dozens of elevators around the world that are living in the year 3000! […]