Is Elevator Overcrowding Dangerous?

From annual music festivals to daily work commutes, there are many different places that overcrowding is known to be commonplace. After all, the more people who use a service the more likely it is going to reach capacity. When it comes to elevators however there is always a worry that overcrowding will become a […]

What Happened To Elevator Operators

With technology on the rise and modernisation taking hold of every industry on the planet, it is only expected that elevators have a hidden past that very few people under 60 years old know about. After all, the advancements of modern elevators as we know them today ultimately made the need for elevator operators […]

Why Elevators Have Handrails

There are certain things in life that we tend not to question. After all, they are the norm and society has learnt to rely on their presence. Take handrails inside elevators as an example; nobody knows when they were first installed or why they were added to the design. With this said, the team […]

Home Elevator vs Stair Lift

It isn’t hard to notice that many of the homes in the UK were not built with the elderly in mind. After all, the steep and narrow staircases are not exactly fall-proof. Luckily, there are a few solutions on the market that can help keep your grandparents safe whilst allowing them to maintain their […]

When Is The Perfect Time To Modernise Your Elevator?

Elevators are the basis to any great building, and help people transport throughout your building with ease. However, elevators aren’t invincible and will need to have repairs to them to maintain their high standard. There are many factors to consider when looking at your elevator, to whether it’s still in its prime working condition, […]

Making Homes Safe for the Elderly

The rise of life expectancy means that the UK has hundreds of thousands of elderly people living in homes that are simply unsuitable. After all, the steep and narrow staircases that were built in the early 20th century were not made with an ageing population in mind. Luckily there are several ways you can […]

Who Invented the Elevator?

Elevators have been around since Ancient Rome and historians have even estimated that the very first prototype was built in in 336 B.C using ropes, pulleys and slave labour. In fact Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, is credited in the first reference of elevator builds as the creator of this early design. Modern elevators as […]

Subway Elevator Proposal in NYC

The New York subway is one of the busiest underground transport systems that can be used today. In fact, it is also one of the oldest! Alongside the urban rail transit in China, the Underground in London and the Paris Metro; the America subway is quite famous in its own right and was opened […]

Elevator Small Talk Tips

Riding the elevator alone can be a relaxing 2 minutes of peace for those who are able to find comfort inside the metal boxes however sharing the journey with a stranger can be one of the most awkward experiences to exist. After all, making small talk is not something that the majority of us […]

Hospital Elevators

The elevator is a staple addition to most buildings in 2018 which is why often take for granted how adapted they are for certain purposes. Take wheelchair elevators for example; they have been altered in terms of the amount of weight they can bare and the size of the interior in order to ensure […]