Subway Elevator Proposal in NYC

The New York subway is one of the busiest underground transport systems that can be used today. In fact, it is also one of the oldest! Alongside the urban rail transit in China, the Underground in London and the Paris Metro; the America subway is quite famous in its own right and was opened […]

Elevator Small Talk Tips

Riding the elevator alone can be a relaxing 2 minutes of peace for those who are able to find comfort inside the metal boxes however sharing the journey with a stranger can be one of the most awkward experiences to exist. After all, making small talk is not something that the majority of us […]

Hospital Elevators

The elevator is a staple addition to most buildings in 2018 which is why often take for granted how adapted they are for certain purposes. Take wheelchair elevators for example; they have been altered in terms of the amount of weight they can bare and the size of the interior in order to ensure […]

Stairs Shaming: Why Elevators Should Be Everywhere

Decades ago, the disabled were not given much thought or advantages during the construction of public buildings. In 2018 however the world is slowly changing and our previous ignorance to the needs of those who cannot use the stairs is finally being recognised. After all, the stairs are not as simple for some people […]

How to Overcome the Fear of Elevators

Far more people are scared of the thought of travelling via elevator than you may realise. In fact it is one of the most common types of fears and is closely linked with claustrophobia, the fear of being trapped inside an enclosed space with no escape. Sometimes it is the claustrophobia that prevents people […]

The Oldest Elevators in the World

The concept of a lift has been around for thousands of years and began with a pulley system in order to transport items between different floors. In fact, elevators have formed an important part of our history and have been around for much long than people tend to think. After all, the earliest one […]

Most Luxurious Elevators in the World

Why Are Elevator Pranks So Popular

You can find almost anything on the internet. From cats playing the piano to a man getting emotional over a phenomenal double rainbow- it’s safe to say that videos on the web seem to have no limit. YouTubers will try almost anything to get their video to go viral or to persuade more viewers […]

The Benefits of Using Service Lifts

Here at Elevators Ltd, we provide a wide range of products and services that are all designed to provide our customers with the lift solution they’ve been searching for. Whether it’s a standard passenger lift, a platform lift or a car parking solution, we are able to provide for a range of different applications. […]

How To Tell If Your Elevator Is Faulty

There’s not much worse than working in an enormous, multi-storey office block and arriving on a Monday morning to find that the elevator has broken down. This leads to a lot of huffing and puffing- first in annoyance at the situation, then eventually due to the subsequent climb up the steps. It can put […]