Reasons to Remove an Elevator

Here at Elevators Ltd, it is no
surprise that our specialities lie with elevator installations and how they can
benefit a variety of property owners, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t
understand the market for lift removal too. After all, there are a variety of
reasons why a removal may be considered the most appropriate course of […]

The Benefits of Lift Modernisation

The average elevator lasts for around
two decades, however, regular maintenance can extend this longevity guarantee.
With this said, lift modernisation is taking the industry by storm and involves
replacing worn out components with fresh and modern upgrades. Here at Elevators
Ltd, we believe that elevator modernisation is something that every property
owner should take into consideration, especially as […]

5 Unusual Elevators Across the Globe

Whilst we often deal with regular
passenger lifts here at Elevators Ltd, it is hard to deny that there are some
extraordinarily designed elevators around the world. In fact, some of these are
so unique that they have become tourist attractions in their own right. Read on
as we go through five of the most interesting and expertly […]

Preventative Elevator Maintenance Tips

Here at Elevators Ltd, we try to
emphasise the importance of maintenance at every opportunity. After all,
neglecting to have the mechanical aspects of your elevator serviced allows
otherwise minor issues to develop into serious safety risks. Read on as we go
through a few important preventative elevator maintenance tips that can help
every lift owner keep their elevator […]